Todd Jerome Jenkins, MS, CSP, SMS, CHST, STSC

Safety Aficionado & Ph.D. Student


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Hello, I’m Todd Jerome Jenkins. First, I am not a consultant and I am not trying to sell anything. I am a safety aficionado and evangelist.  I am passionate about what I do. I post free weekly safety topics, programs, quizzes, related articles, videos, and research summaries relating to human performance, and safety management systems. I also host a podcast where I give a weekly safety topic every Monday morning. Occasionally I talk to colleagues about how they got into safety, how the profession has changed, and what they want to see change. Follow my articles on LinkedIn – feel free to connect with me there. 

Safety Aficionado & Evangelist

“Without data you’re just a person with an opinion.”

W. Edward Deming

In 2008 I achieved one of my professional goals of working as a project superintendent. One of the carpenters on my crew fell from a utility scaffold and ended his career on my job. A tragedy that sparked in me a passion for workplace safety. A single event that changed the trajectory of my life forever. What started as an interest has grown into a career in occupational safety & health management.

My passion has led me to pursue a Ph.D. in Occupational Safety and Health. My research focuses on Human Performance and Safety Management Systems. As a safety professional, I work to protect people and organizations from occupational risk. My goal as a safety practitioner is to partner with operations to build systems that reduce risk to an acceptable level and one that can absorb human error without interrupting the intended output. As an academic, I work to align with practitioners and advance the field of safety science through evidence-based safety. I study real-world problems to solve real-world issues based on evidence.

I am a safety aficionado & evangelist. I do safety diffrently!

Todd Jerome Jenkins, CSP

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CV (Curriculum Vitae)