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Weekly Safety Topic – Avoiding Concrete Burns

A little prevention goes a long way when preventing chemical-concrete burns. The issue is being aware that this can be a hazard, especially when the injury is often not evident until it’s too late.
The problem is not concrete splashing on you. The problem is leaving it on you as you work and move. The abrasion in the concrete and the chemicals work together to cause a reaction. If you wash off even the tiniest amount, you won’t have any issues. To avoid concrete burns, it is a good idea that you take the time to prevent concrete build-up on your skin and clothing.
If you must stand on concrete, wear rubber boots. There is no protection from the chemicals in concrete in your leather boots. The leather boots absorb the chemicals, and after just a few hours of working with your boots soaked in the chemicals, you will have a chemical burn on the skin.
Make sure you remove concrete from your rubber boots if you get it inside. Removing concrete from your boots could prevent you from getting a severe chemical burn.
Avoiding concrete burns is simply a matter of preplanning your work and having the right gear for the job.

This Photo by the Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA.

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