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Weekly Safety Topic – Hand Tools Safety Made Easy

Hand Tool Safety Made Easy

It is essential to follow safe work practices and avoid bad habits if you work with hand tools. Imagine you are concerned about avoiding finger amputations, preserving your vision, and preventing injury. The following is a list of hand tools, safe work practices, and unsafe conditions you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Always use the right screwdriver for the job.
  2. Screwdrivers with a broken handle or dull, bent, or chipped tips should not be used.
  3. You should never use a screwdriver like a pry bar or a chisel.
  4. When using a saw, ensure that you wear eye protection.
  5. The handle of a saw should not be loose, cracked, or splintered.
  6. You should never use your thigh as a sawhorse.
  7. Use the right size tool for the job.
  8. Don’t use it if the wrench’s jaws are broken or the teeth are bald.
  9. Wrenches should never be used as hammers.
  10. Never use a pipe on the handle as a cheater.
  11. Knives should always be kept in good condition.
  12. Knives with worn or dull blades or broken handles should not be used.
  13. Never cut toward your body.
  14. Never use your pocket as a sheath for a knife.
  15. Never use any knife as a prying tool.
  16. Wear safety glasses whenever you use impact tools.
  17. Chisels and punches should not be used if they are too short, mushroomed, or over tempered.
  18. Never use a hammer to pound on a hand chisel.
  19. Never use impact tools if you cannot hold them firmly.
  20. When using a hammer, ensure enough clearance between you and your coworkers.
  21. Avoiding awkward positions when using a hammer can prevent sprains and injuries.
  22. Never strike a hardened or brittle surface with a hardened hammer.
  23. Never use a hammer if another tool is more appropriate for the task.

Make sure you choose the right tool for the job every time. Making do will eventually lead to injuries.

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